Cowtown Candy got an upgrade and just in time for the holidays

(Cody, Wyo.) - Some of you have been wondering, "Whatever happened to Cowtown Candy?" Well, in fact, they moved just across the street earlier this year to a much larger building. Now, they have so much more to offer because of the new digs. [image: Untitled design (6).png] Owners, Kenny and Connie Lee, moved to Cody back in 1992 and founded the Living Fortress Church but it was always Connie's dream to own a candy store. This dream was first planted when she was 17 years old, when she worked at the candy counter at a small town drugstore in Oregon. Since then, Connie and her husband have visited candy stores on all of their travels. When North West Wyoming's largest candy store, Cowtown Candy , came up for sale over 3 1/2 years ago, there was no doubt in their minds that this was their calling. They purchased the store and have been making it better ever since! [image: 20151104_135558.jpg] They still have our favorite recipes, but with an added bonus, Connie brings her own favs to the kitchen. Aside from aisles upon aisles of beautiful, decadent candy, Cowtown Candy has many gift items too. The store is just booming with: - toys - picture frames - antiques - tea - 6 different lines of greeting cards - and other charming gift ideas. [image: Untitled design (4).png] With the holiday season just around the corner, the Lee's are preparing for a busy season of creating beautiful corporate baskets for business and private. A gift or some candy from Cowtown makes for great stocking stuffers too. *The Lee's look forward to seeing you this holiday season!* [image: 20151104_135836.jpg] Cowtown Candy 1323 Sheridan Ave in Cody 307-587-8212 Facebook #reboot #sponsored