Supreme Court upholds fraud ruling in 2011 Park County case

The Wyoming Supreme Court has upheld the Park County District Court's ruling in a fraud case centered around the sale of local business back in 2011. The District Court had ruled that Nathan Cook of Powell defrauded Amy Landerman of Cody in his purchasing of the Northern Developmental Disability Service Providers. The original ruling awarded Landerman with $149,189 regarding the fraud and $114,063 in damages. The Supreme Court's 24-page ruling on the matter recounts all the facts, wholly denied Cook's appeal and upheld the District Court ruling. The court also, however, denied a motion by Landerman that asked for sanctions, alleging that the appeal was frivolous. "While there are clear issues with Mr. Cook's brief, his arguments therein, and his compliance with the rules, we nevertheless deny Ms. Landerman's motion," the ruling states. "We are not persuaded that the appeal was altogether frivolous or so egregious as to merit sanctions." To get a complete look at the case, read the ruling here . #reboot