K9 Major Mike laid to rest of with full military honors

Today was a heartfelt and tearful funeral for late combat K9 Michael. Michael died just over a month ago outside of Powell. The services were attended by about 50 locals and quite a few media. At the service today, Michael received full military honors, with his handler Sgt. First Class Matthew Bessler holding on to his leash the whole time. Major Mike is one of only a couple military canines to ever receive military honors. Mike was given a 21 gun salute, TAPS was played, and Bessler was presented with Michael's flag. It was windy at Crown Hill Cemetery but no one seemed to notice. Everyone was too caught up in the moment. Major Mike served two tours of duty with his handler. He was awarded the bronze star twice. Michael retired from service after suffering PTSD following a horrible incident while on duty. Back in the states, Mike and Matt took care of each other in ways that probably only those two can understand. "There is no soul that understood Matt better than Mike," it was said today. Bessler gave a brief statement during the service. With today being Veterans Day, the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Bessler recited 11 words that described Major Mike: loyal, compassionate, hero (Mike saved Bessler's life while on duty), attentive, courageous, intelligent, personable, brave, dedicated, resilient, and ball (Mike's favorite reward and toy). According to the Park County Sheriff's Office investigation, Mike died after being shot when a cyclist felt like he was being threatened by Mike who had reportedly gotten out of his yard. The sheriffs office found no wrong-doing in its investigation; however, Bessler has pointed to a number of inconsistencies with the story and plans to pursue the matter further. Major Mike's and Sgt. First Class Bessler's story is one that has received national attention and has opened dialogue on canines in the military and PTSD. This was especially evident with the large group of reporters from the mountain west and abroad (at least a couple members of national media were in attendance). #reboot #county10 #buckrail #oilcity #dally #county17 #shortgo