Cody man is a producer on movie "The 33" opening this weekend nationwide

What does a group famous Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days in 2010 have in common with Cody, Wyoming? The movie telling their story, which gets a wide release this Friday, was produced in part by Cody's own Leopoldo Enriquez. Enriquez, a long-time entrepreneur, has experienced his first foray into Hollywood, and the outcome is the $26 million production of "The 33." Enriquez is credited as an Executive Producer on picture, alongside several others, including Mike Medavoy, who is know for his work on films like "Black Swan" and "Shutter Island." "I still cannot believe it," Enriquez told Reboot during an interview last night at Big Horn Cinemas. After nearly five years of work, Enriquez was proud to bring the movie to Cody for a special, private screening for friends and family. He said the feeling is surreal, seeing his name on movie posters and on the big screen, even though the millions of people who will see it won't know exactly who he is. Enriquez said he and Medavoy had been wanting to do a project together, and when they realized that 1.4 billion people were tuned into the rescue of the miners, they knew they had found their story. [image: IMG_9792.JPG] One of Enriquez's roles along the way was setting up meetings with the miners and getting the rights to their stories. "It was not easy." "At the beginning we had 33 stories," he added, noting it was a difficult process narrowing down the narrative to one, cohesive story. It took a couple of years to get the story down, but filming took place in 2013. Enriquez said the interior shots were done primarily in mines in Colombia, and then the exterior scenes were done in Chile, to give the film as authentic a feeling as possible. "The 33" stars Antonio Banderas along with a number of other well-known names. Oscar Nunez, known for his character on "The Office," provides comic relief, and Wyomingites especially will recognize Lou Diamond Phillips, who is known locally for playing Henry on "Longmire." Other big names include Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche, and James Brolin. Enriquez was excited to be able to show the movie to members of the public in his home town early, something Cody has never seen before. It took pulling some strings and top-down approval from the distribution execs to make it happen. He had hoped to be able to bring some of the miners to Cody for the local premiere, but with the long travel logistics and uncertainty of the screening being able to happen, he wasn't able to. But, Enriquez said he's working on getting some of the miners here in February or March to meet the locals, and maybe speak at some of the schools. "The 33" is already showing in South America and parts of Asia. It opens in 2,500 U.S. theaters this Friday (Big Horn Cinemas has booked it for two weeks); Europe and China are next. Is Enriquez nervous about opening weekend? No, he says. Will he work on future movies? Discussions about "very specific stories" have already begun. Ultimately, the story is one of faith and triumph. "It is a tribute to the miners," he said. #reboot #buckrail #county10 #dally #county17 #oilcity #shortgo