Two locals charged with making meth in Powell apartment enter pleas

Two Powell men charged with felony crimes related to the alleged creation of methamphetamine entered pleas of not guilty today in Park County District Court. However, a plea agreement appears to be imminent in one of the cases. Richard Jones, 39, and Cole Mattson, 25, are both looking at significant prison time should they be convicted on the charges, which were the result of a Division of Criminal Investigation case. Jones faces four charges, each punishable by up 25 years in prison, all related to meth lab supplies and/or precursor. Mattson faces two lab charges, also punishable by up to 25 years in prison each. Jones was out on bond for another felony methamphetamine trafficking charge when he was arrested for these crimes. He's currently being held on a $30,000 cash only bond. Mattson's attorney in court today said an agreement is in the works that would put to rest this case and a previous burglary case, and that his client would serve prison time. Other details were not confirmed, and a plea agreement has not yet been filed. According to Jones's affidavit, investigators found eight purchases of Pseudophedrine, a meth precursor, between June and early September by Jones around Powell in amounts ranging from 10 units to 48 units. In Jones's trash, investigators reportedly found multiple items discarded that are known to be used in the "shake and bake" method of producing meth. The court documents go on to state that Jones readily admitted to helping another person buy supplies for cooking meth. The affidavit in Mattson's case utilizes a number of confidential informants who spoke about the defendant's way of making meth and how they have helped in the past. Mattson allegedly admitted to helping Jones make meth at Mattson's apartment and admitted to helping buy materials. Mattson's home is listed on the 700 block of East Fifth in Powell, according to court documents. #reboot