Former Wyomingite living in Paris shares experience following terror attacks

Frank Symington is a former Lander resident who moved to Paris a couple years ago, and he has offered to share some insights from the city where more than 100 people were killed by terrorists yesterday. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the fatal shootings and explosions. When he lived in Lander, Symington was a substitute science teacher in local schools and shared his love of astronomy through special events in town and at his property in Dubois. Currently, he lives a kilometer or two from where yesterday's attacks occurred. "I neither saw nor heard first-hand any of this tumult," he said. "First I heard of the attacks was when a college friend from New York messaged me to ask if I was ok, while things were still ongoing," Symington wrote. "Thus began several hours of late night-early morning news sponging from various media. Aside from the symphony of sirens throughout this period, lousy sleep, and lots of reassuring needed via fb and email, the main effect I've experienced has been having to cancel a rendez-vous with guys who were going to help clean up our new apartment in Argenteuil (where we're about to move). They said the subways were shut down in their area. "Traffic was light on the highway, very unusual. Most or all of the big tourist attractions and museums are closed. People here are upset--outraged and angry. They are also somber, troubled, and shocked at the wanton brutality celebrated and exercised by those who meticulously planned this thing. The attacks come just prior to scheduled regional elections in which issues touching on Islamism and immigration are defining political bedfellows. These elections have now been postponed to favor unity in this time of war, as President Holland explained in public addresses earlier today. France already planned to 'control' its borders in advance of the COP21 talks due to start in a couple of weeks. This action has been updated. Now, borders are 'closed' (I think), which means everybody gets checked. No plans to leave the country for now." #reboot #county10 #buckrail #dally #county17 #oilcity #shortgo