"We love where we live in wonderful Wyoming!" 8 STUNNING sunset snaps!

We've had some of the most stunning sunsets over the past couple of days...the colors seem to go on forever! Thanks to the many of you who have shared your beautiful snaps with us. We felt like there were too many to share individually, so we put them together here so you guys can see the beauty of the Bighorn basin all at once. Share a snap with us here. *1. h/t Bryon Worthen Photography* - "Awesome sunset last night! Looking Northwest from Eagle Pass near Cody, Wyoming." [image: 12235090_428711350666586_7681696154668120348_n.jpg] *2. h/t Rachel Rose Whipple -* "Tonight's sunset over heart mountain 😀 thought you might like to have it." [image: 12200976_10207951478611930_937031450_n.jpg] *3. Sunrise snapped by Stacy Boisseau -* "Had to jump outta work for the sunrise from The Sunset House 5 mins ago. No camera on me but my cell phone worked alright...Opening shift waitress has its perks!" [image: 12233362_10205275203909982_460252350_n.jpg] *4. h/t Sarah Christensen - *"A beautiful Wyoming sunset on such a sad day for France." [image: 12244217_10201007530186217_61593496_n.jpg] *5. h/t Greg Wise Photography - *"Hurried home and grabbed my tripod but didn't have time to go to one of my favorite spots. Settled for a empty field looking at Heart Mountain in the distance. This is 3 or 4 straight days of awesome sunsets!!" [image: 12189613_10153407739443611_3452309856748656072_n.jpg] *6. h/t Greg Wise Photography -* "Winter is on it's way but we will watch as these mountains gathered in the moisture in the form of snow as it stores it for release in the spring to supply what is need to turn our desert into productive farmland! We love where we live in wonderful Wyoming!" [image: 12243451_10153407286273611_1718688043646444133_n.jpg] *7. h/t Tessa Schmidt -* "Beautiful sunset tonight." [image: tessa.jpg] *8. h/t Bryon Worthen Photography -* "Another cool sunset tonight! With a buck!" [image: 12243593_428932093977845_1216406578946233898_n.jpg] #reboot #snapped