County Commission approves letter of support for Air Service Enhancement

The Park County Commission approved a letter of support today for Air Service Enhancement for the Cody Yellowstone Airport. The board has unanimously approved the decision to choose Skywest airlines, which will provide two flights per day to Salt Lake City airport. Commissioner Bucky Hall stated, "This will allow for more connecting flights with Delta, who has a far better flight history than United." Also, on today's agenda was a request to use County Road Funds for the Bridge EHC widening project located on Lane 10. This request was approved with Commissioner Bucky Hall saying,"I think it's money well spent." The bridge will be widened by 10 feet in order to improve safety and flow of traffic. At last week's meeting, The Park County Commission took a straight-forward approach in its comments to the Shoshone National Forest on proposed travel management changes suggested by the public. The county wants to see zero road closures and is all for the creation of loop trails. The commission's recommendations that they spoke of last week were formally approved at today's meeting. Vice Chairman Lee Livingston was opposed to any further construction in the Shonshone National Forest. "I have overarching concerns. All future proposals will need to be scrutinized, and potential impacts that construction might have need to be carefully looked into. I don't support new trails on the forest," he said. Following this approval of the Shoshone National Forest Responses to Travel Management Proposals, there will be a thorough public process. #reboot #news