It'll be the luck of the draw to see tonight's Leonid meteor shower

(Casper, Wyo.) - Tonight the fall Leonid meteor shower will peak above the Wyoming skies around midnight and you can expect to see about fifteen shooting stars zoom by per hour. "Get away from the city lights and look up! It is kind of the luck of the draw on how many meteors you will see," commented ShiAnne Kattner, Casper Planetarium Technician. "The Lenoid meteor shower is a weaker one and not as bright as the Perseid or the Geminids showers, but still something to see," she added. The Leonid Meteor shower is created by debris flying from the comment, *Tempel Tuttle*. Make sure to look up tonight and we wish you luck stargazing! Featured image: Shutterstock/Pitchengine Communities #reboot #buckrail #county10 #dally #oilcity #county17 #shortgo