Basin highway striping foreman retiring Dec. 1

Hilary LaBudda of Basin has left his mark on highways, maybe more than any other Wyoming Department of Transportation employee in northwest Wyoming. LaBudda, 58, is WYDOT’s urban paint striping foreman; he retires with honor on Dec. 1 after 27 years of public service. LaBudda says, “I’ve had a very fun career. The work has always been personally rewarding, because you always see a finished job when you’re striping the highways. For me, it’s personally rewarding to finish a job when I start a job.” LaBudda has supervised WYDOT’s urban striping crew for the past 12 years out of Basin. “I don’t plan to volunteer to paint straight lines any more,” LaBudda says. “I enjoy working in traffic for the excitement of it. It keeps me on my toes, it’s good for the mind, and it has definitely occupied my days.” He enjoys being part of the WYDOT family. “WYDOT people are caring people. They care, and our district staff cares about every worker." LaBudda says he learned a few things right away about striping in towns and cities throughout northwest Wyoming. He volunteered only one thing. “9 a.m. is the time to stripe Federal Boulevard (in Riverton),” he says, smiling. LaBudda has a retirement plan, which includes running a small animal trap line in the winter, and “possibly,” golf in the summer. “I’m going to maintain my house a little more than I did in the last 15 years. I was painting my house 15 years ago, but I went to striping. Now I can get back to painting my house,” he says. “I’ll probably do a little fishing, too,” he says. “We go fishing once a year in Wisconsin, and so now I can go any time I want.” LaBudda looks forward to spending more time with family, too. He has been married to his wife, Deborah, for 35 years. The couple has one daughter, Hilarie, and the couple has two grandsons, ages 12 and 10. LaBudda says he’ll miss working at WYDOT. “Hell yes I will, but I’ve got my peace of mind.” *Feature photo: WYDOT's urban striping crew in Basin. From left, Joe Keele, David Bilderback, Lew Fausett, and Hilary LaBudda.* #reboot #news