Keep Clear of Abandoned Uranium Mine Hazards on Little Mountain

The Bureau of Land Management Cody Field Office reminds people that the area surrounding the old Lisbon and Titan uranium mines on Little Mountain northeast of Lovell, Wyoming, are closed for your health and safety. These two areas were officially closed by the BLM in 1994 because of dangerous physical and radiochemical hazards associated with abandoned uranium mining that took place in the late 1940s and early 1950s. They are located in sections 20, 23 and 26, T. 58 N., R. 94 W. Abandoned mine workings at both the Titan and Lisbon mine sites include open shafts, adits and collapse features resulting in deep, vertical sinkholes that are often difficult to see. For the unauthorized hiker, off-roader or rock hound, the hazards are not always apparent. 0 (17).[image: 0 (17).jpg] Signs have been erected around the perimeters of both mine sites and buck and pole fencing has been installed around the most hazardous features. However, due to the dynamic nature and instability of the old mine areas, new features continue to form, putting people at risk for injury or death if they enter the areas. If you come across what appears to be an abandoned mine that has no sign or is not closed up, stay out! Report what you have encountered to local fire, police or other rescue authorities. They will notify the appropriate land management agency to investigate the site. Photos by Bureau of Land Management / Pitchengine Communities [image: 0 (16).jpg] #reboot #news