Elementary students celebrate Thanksgiving at school with their classmates

(Cody, Wyo.)- Eastside Elementary shared these photos with us from their Thanksgiving harvest today. Check out Mrs. Dimsey's class enjoying their Thanksgiving feast: [image: 11988781_1002194813171972_8027864588553170640_n.jpg] [image: 12247019_1002194773171976_7440739168241780223_n.jpg] And it's never too early to start decorating for Christmas. Mrs. Smith spent time today teaching her 5th graders how to make bows for wreaths. Keep up the great work kids, and have a Happy Thanksgiving! [image: 12265898_1002193939838726_8481315313613669223_o.jpg] [image: 12304450_1002194273172026_1417135113903287916_o.jpg] #reboot #news