Cody woman arrested for fighting deputies and attacking family members

A 35-year-old Cody woman has been arrested and incarcerated in the Park County Detention Center as a result of a domestic violence incident that occurred Saturday evening at a residence on Sage Creek Road. Melissa Jean Briggs (A.K.A Melissa Flores) was arrested by Park County Sheriff’s deputies and is currently being held on multiple charges including felony assault on a peace officer, felony strangulation of a household member and felony child abuse. According to information released by the PCSO, at about 6 p.m. on Nov. 28, deputies were called by a man who said Melissa was physically assaulting his wife. Upon arrival, deputies discovered the caller lying on top of Melissa in an attempt to control her. "Deputies were able to immediately handcuff Melissa, however when they attempted to escort her to their patrol vehicle, she began to physically resist," the PCSO reports. "She refused to walk to the vehicle and had to be carried by the deputies. When they attempted to place her in the caged portion of the vehicle, she continued to resist by kicking, scratching and pinching the deputies all the while screaming obscenities. One deputy sustained minor injuries to his hand and forearm area. After several minutes of fighting the deputies, Melissa was eventually secured in the vehicle and transported to the detention center." Investigation indicates that the altercation began between the victim and Melissa regarding her children. "At one point during the argument, Melissa slammed a door on her minor child's arm causing injuries that required medical treatment," the news release stated. The altercation escalated to the point that Melissa then began to choke another adult family member. In addition to the aforementioned felonies, Melissa Briggs has also been charged with misdemeanor interference with a peace officer and misdemeanor battery. She is currently being held pending her court appearance. Both family victims were treated for their injuries at West Park Hospital and released. #reboot #news