Cody Council to recognize hard-working volunteers, move on projects

The Cody City Council will meet tonight for a brief agenda, but included on the list items to be acted upon are portions of a couple large projects. At the start of the meeting, which is at 7 p.m. in the City of Cody Council Chambers, the council will recognize a couple locals for outstanding volunteerism for the city. Heidi Rasmussen and Richard Jones will be thanked for their placing stickers at more than 400 drainage basin inlet around town. The stickers identify the inlet as a facility that drains to a waterway and reminds people not to pollute. According to the the Mayor's note in the council's packet, Rasmussen and Jones are graduates of the first academy class offered by the city and were required to just place one sticker each. "They used up all the stickers the City originally purchased and asked that the City order more so they could finish the job," the mayor wrote. Among general consent items is the declaration of 4,112 square-feet of city property as surplus and to begin the sales process. The property is located east of 14th Street near the intersection with Huff 'n Puff Avenue. Also up for approval is the approval of an architectural services project for the remodel of the Cody Cupboard. #reboot #news