Re-occurring scams returning to Worland and beyond

The Washakie County Sheriff and Worland Police Department jointly released a statement yesterday warning residents about a utility scam thats effecting locals. Similar scams have been reported across the state in recent months, with the scammers seeming to hit one region before moving to the next. "Recently, people are receiving calls from suspects purporting to be representatives from Rocky Mountain Power and Big Horn REA, telling customers they are behind and/or over-due on their electrical bills and if you don't want your power shut off you need to send money to them to clear up the issue," the statement said. Law enforcement encourages no one to send money to theses callers, including credit card numbers or prepaid card numbers. Additionally, scammers have also been calling people claiming to be the intended victim's grandchild and asking for money to get them out of jail in a foreign country. "They may say they have a cold, that is why you can't tell who's calling. . . . They may tell you that if you tell anyone, they'll be hurt or no deal getting them out," the statement said. "This Is A Scam. . .. Simply tell the caller you'll have to call your grandkids or children to verify their status and where-abouts. ... Remember, on all the examples listed above, these criminals want to engage you in conversation, make you feel guilty and make you give up some of your personal information. I know sometimes it can be hard to let go because you care about your family, but it's simply a matter of hanging up the phone and contacting those people you know and verifying their location or your electric account status. Law enforcement also reminds residents that just because a caller ID says its coming from Wyoming does not mean it actually is. #reboot #news