"Happy Feet" program creates smiles

(Cody, Wyo.) - While most people were strolling down main street, waiting for Sunday football and dancing towards the holidays, the Cody Rotary Club’s “Happy Feet” program was bringing shoes and smiles to the less privileged of the community. The program was developed with the sole purpose to deliver elementary students with shoes. Amanda Stevens, (Rotary Member) said, “We provide kids with tinashoes, kids who's parents maybe can’t afford to keep them in good shoes.” Stevens was approached by Rotary board member Jake Fulkerson. “This is Jakes baby, he had success with the program in another community. I was more than willing to help out!” Stevens stated. “Happy Feet” supplies shoes donated from Walmart and Sports HQ to elementary kids, and is working to cater to Cody Middle School students as well. Sports HQ manager Jordan Jolley voiced “It’s nice equipping kids with premium brands, so they can feel confident and perform at their best.” This past fall, “Happy Feet” gave twenty-six kids the privilege of owning a brand new pair of shoes. [image: 0 (1).jpeg] #reboot #news