Cody Woman Caught Burglarizing Home

Cody resident Chelsea Hensley, age 28, was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of burglary; each count took place at the same address on New Hope Drive in Cody. According to court documents, the first incident took place on November 21st with the victim reporting a break-in from a rock thrown through her house window while she was away and that prescription pain medication that had been on her table was missing. During that investigation, Ms. Hensley became one of the leading suspects. The second incident was reported this past Friday, December 4th, as Officers Steve O'Donnell and Rick Tillery were called to the same address to investigate reports of a prowler. According to the case affidavit, Officer Tillery "could observe a subject through the living room window rifling through items in the living room." After entering the residence, the officers saw "a masked subject wearing a brown jacket and gray sweatpants," just as the prowler had been described. After forcing the subject to the floor, officers said they removed the mask and Officer O'Donnell recognized her as Ms. Hensley, the suspect for the first incident at that home. During her initial appearance in court today, Ms. Hensley requested leniency asking for a signature bond instead of the $10,000 cash bond. She stated that she was not a flight risk and that she is the primary care giver of her three year old son. The judge refused to make any accommodations saying that these charges are extremely serious and that the defendant presented a danger to the community. Ms. Hensley's preliminary hearing is set for Thursday, December 17. A photo of the defendant was not immediately available. #reboot #news [image: Inline image 1]