Cody Welcomes New Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

In case you're wondering, Chambers of Commerce have a long and important history in both the U.S. and throughout the world. These groups bring businesses together to work through issues that affect them all and find a unified voice. They can also support each other in mutually beneficial efforts like encouraging the public to shop locally or in supporting legislation that is helpful to businesses. Tina Hoebelheinrich is in her third day on the job as the new Director and while she's new to Cody as a resident, this Wyoming native has spent a lot of time in the area throughout her life. The Cody Chamber of Commerce has quite a task in managing the needs of the local community and drastic shift in commerce related activities in the summer when the tourists arrive. Tina understands how Cody's business seasons ebb and flow. As a teenager, she worked three summers at a lodge in the North Fork, she went to college in Powell and received her Associates Degree there, and she also worked in Cody at the Irma as a waitress. She has family in Powell and she remembers that 4th of July in Cody was always the place to be. Tina has a sister who lives in Cody and she would visit often during this past year for emotional support as their other sister battled pancreatic cancer. She said that she realized later she always felt most at peace here in Cody during that tough time. "This is the kind of community I want to live in," said Tina. "It was a glimpse of how good small town life could be." Tina has a solid record of experience that will serve Cody businesses well. She has served as the CEO of Great Falls' Big Brothers Big Sisters, Director of Business office Services at the University of Great Falls, and 5 years at Wells Fargo. Her skill sets include writing grants, raising money, connecting communities, advocacy work, and government relations. All will come in handy with her new position. "Relationships are really important to me," Tina said. She encourages folks to stop by and let her know if they have business concerns or needs. She is eager to get to know the community on a much more personal level and to help fulfill the needs of Cody businesses. #reboot #news