Cody Outfitter Convicted of Illegal Trapping

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wapiti resident Ron Lineberger, owner of Butte Creek Outfitters, has been fined $7,299 and will lose his rights to trapping and snaring for 27 years. Lineberger was found guilty of multiple counts of untagged snares, failure to check snares within the regulated timeframe, and failure to report non-target captures. According to the June 2015 WGFD newsletter, an eagle was just one example of a non-target capture that went unreported by Lineberger. The Game and Fish department said that a long-term investigation found he was breaking the law in many different ways, which Greybull Game Warden Bill Robertson said is rare. "Licensed trappers are obligated to follow certain laws, including tagging traps with a name and address, reporting non-target captures, and checking trap lines within a certain time frame," Robertson said. "This investigation found a number of unreported, non-target captures associated with snares and an indifferent manner in which snares were set and checked. This suggested a careless attitude towards the taking of wildlife using snares. Game and Fish takes these violations seriously and actively seeks to stop those who do not act in a lawful manner." [image: Inline image 1] #reboot #news