Memory Monday: Local Ski History

To celebrate all the snow we received today, here’s an image of the old ski hill at Pahaska Tepee, which was only in operation from 1940 to 1942. The first ski hill on the North Fork was established in 1939 by Henry Dahlem, the owner of the Red Star Camp (now Shoshone Lodge), and was located above his camp on the north side of the river. It consisted of two skiing runs and a toboggan run. The newly formed Shoshone Alpine Club of Cody installed a 600ft long “up-ski”, which was basically just a motorized loop of cable which skiers held onto in order to get up the hill. The following winter, the owners of Pahaska opened a new ski lodge and inaugurated their own skiing hill, complete with a 500ft tow cable on the mountainside to the northwest of their lodgings. When the United States entered World War II in 1941, Americans’ interest in tourism and recreation came to a sudden halt. Then in the fall of 1942 the Pahaska Ski Lodge burned down and was never rebuilt. But in the winter of 1942 the Shoshone Alpine Club of Cody opened a new ski run on the south side of the valley across from the old Red Star Camp and named it Sleeping Giant. This is the same ski area we all know today. h/t to Brian Beauvais, Archivist for Park County, for the photo and the write up! #reboot #news