A Giant Effort

When we work together, we can almost move mountains. Luckily, we don’t have to move mountains to create something we can all enjoy, we just have to maintain them. That’s exactly what it takes to wake the Sleeping Giant ski area , every year since 2009. With generous donations and grants, the Yellowstone Recreations Foundation is able to open and operate one of the nations most historic recreational areas. It’s non-profit status and volunteer patrollers help keep the Absaroka attraction affordable with $29 adult lift tickets, group lessons as low as $35.00 per person, and plenty of other group and organization discounts. The Sleeping Giant is a testament to the power of community ownership. Valley Federal Credit Union is also owned by members of the community, and with your help, together we can build even more local treasures that we all can enjoy. #reboot #news #sponsored #valleyfcu