Museum-like Exhibits at Cody High School

(Cody, WY) Did you know that exhaustive research conducted by a high school student was convincing enough to overturn the court-martial of a World War II Navy Captain? An another case, a group of high school students researched the 1964 murder of 3 civil rights workers in Mississippi. They produced a documentary that led to reopening the case; their extensive research helped in the arrest, trial, and conviction of the prime suspect. From today through December 23, the public is invited to see the current local submissions from Cody High School and cast a vote for their favorite. Topics include "Gunpowder and the Comanches", "How the Silk Road Spread Buddhism", and "Athens to Aids; Historical Effects of Disease". The program that supports and encourages high school students to dig deep into our past is called National History Day; a nationwide contest that encourages students to conduct deep research, ask provocative questions, and to bring history to life. A broad theme is chosen each year and students are encouraged to narrow that subject, getting into the fine details of something that interests them. The exhibits will compete locally; the winners of those will move on to the District level; those winners move on to a statewide competition; and the state winners then go to Washington, D.C. and compete with the best around the country. Cody High School student Alec Dalton made it to the national competition in 2013. If you have even 15 minutes to spare to skim through one or two projects, it's worth it to stop by the Cody High School Library and see the kind of research our local teens are doing. Each one was impressive in it's own way and many students do this extensive project not for a grade, but as something they work on in their spare time. We wish each student the best of luck in the competition! #reboot #news