Cody Star Wars Fans Fill Opening Night

Star Wars fans filled the warm lobby of the Big Horn Cinema and waiting in their cars for a couple hours before the first showing last night at 7pm. "We sold out of all three shows and some people even brought camp chairs to wait in the lobby," said staff member Cortney Williams. "Everyone was really nice though and it was a good time." [image: cinema lobby.jpg] Tony, owner of the theater, said that it's always a lot of fun for the staff when a popular movie comes out. "Everything was totally silent in each showing until the music started," Tony said. "Then everyone just screamed. It was really exciting." Staff members agreed that the next big moment for each audience so far is when Han Solo makes his first appearance. Tickets for this weekend are still available so if you want to see it now, there's still room. The cinema is also has tickets on sale for next weekend, the first time they've opened sales that early. "Christmas is always a popular weekend," said Tony. "And with Star Wars out, we wanted to make sure people could plan ahead and get their tickets." [image: light saber.jpg] #reboot #news