Rare Moon Event On Christmas Eve Night

[image: full moon.jpeg] (Cody, WY) According to the National Weather Service, Cody has a "slight chance" of snow on Christmas Day with temperatures in the low 30's leading up to that. While we may not have a white Christmas, we're still in for a special treat from the skies. For the first time in 38 years there will be a full moon on Christmas Eve night, providing the perfect light for Santa's sleigh. The last time this happened was in 1977 and NASA has predicted the next time we'll have a full moon on Christmas Eve night will be in 2034. So be sure to look up at the sky before you head to bed, and maybe you'll see Santa's sleigh in all the moonlight. Here is the Cody area forecast for this week from the National Weather Service: [image: 2015 Christmas Week Weather.jpg] #reboot #news