Cody Dispatch: a couple arrests, public intoxication, and fender benders

[image: dispatch.png] This is a roundup of law enforcement incidents that took place in Cody over the weekend. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Arrests: Friday, 12/18/15, 9:27am, Cameron Means, Gillette, 27. Arrested near Cedar Mountain Center on Sheridan Ave. for Probation & Parole Arrest and Hold Order. Saturday, 12/19/15, Michael C. Hothan, Cody, 30. Arrested for Breach of Peace. On Friday at 9:21am there was a property damage report at Joe's Auto on Big Horn Have in Cody. Report of vehicles damaged by a roofing job done next door. Assistance given. On Friday at 11:09am there was a vehicle crash reported at Albertsons on 17th Street in Cody. Pedestrian versus car, dark truck, no injury. Assistance given. On Friday at 11:32am, a drug related report was initiated at Cody High School, 10th Street. Officer requested case. On Friday at 12:47pm an intoxicated subject was reported at Taco El Taconazo on Yellowstone Ave. in Cody. There is a male subject headed westbound. He is wearing a gray sweater, light blue jeans, black shoes and a camo hat. The subject was refused service at above due to high level of intoxication. Unable to locate subject. On Friday at 4:24pm, a delayed drug related report was made regarding 29TH St, Cody. 4th party reporting an employee of the above daycare witnessed drug use in front of a child. Assistance Given. On Friday at 4:29pm, a report of suspicious activity came from Canyon Ave, Cody. Reporting party says that about 5 mins ago an elderly man parked on 10th St and came to the door but didn't try to knock just tried to come in the locked front door. When she answered the back door he was looking for someone who didn't live there. On Friday at 6:03pm a motor vehicle crash occurred at Walgreens on Sheridan Ave. in Cody. Semi V Building-No injury/Blocking Pharmacy DriveThru. On Friday at 8:39pm a domestic report came from D Ave, Cody. Male v female-no alcohol/verbal only. Assistance given. On Friday at 9:36pm, officer initiated activity at Taco El Taconazo, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. Down deer in roadway. On Saturday at 1:04am a domestic report occurred on D Ave, Cody. Reporting party states that the below listed subject it trying to gain entry to the home he has a knife. Also has been drinking. On Saturday at 7:20pm, a Suspicious Activity report from Adriano’s on Sheridan Ave., Cody. Reporting party is owner of above restaurant and says there are kids on the roof. Unable to locate. On Saturday at 11:48pm a Motor Vehicle Crash was reported. Officer initiated activity at County Road 3CX/HIGHWAY 14A, Cody. Veh off road, possible crash. Occupied x2?, no injury. On Sunday at 2:01am, an officer was flagged down at Silver Dollar Bar, Sheridan Ave, Cody regarding a fight. Assistance Given. On Sunday at 3:51am a Motor Vehicle Crash was reported. Officer initiated activity at County Road 2AB, Cody. Hit deer. #reboot #news