Powell Dispatch: suspicious activity, traffic violations, and domestic calls

Here is a round up of law enforcement incidents that took place in Powell over the weekend. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. On Friday, 10:51am at Parkside School. School staff found a stink bomb and the officer disposed of it. On Friday at 5:09pm, an officer is investigating a report that a debit card was fraudulently used at two Powell businesses. On Friday at 9:14pm an officer initiated activity at E Coulter Ave/S Hamilton St. Traffic stop resulted in warning for failure to stop at a stop sign twice. On Friday at 11:08pm, officer initiated activity at W Coulter Ave/Road 10. Traffic stop resulted in warnings for failure to signal right and left hand turns. On Friday at 11:28pm, officer initiated activity at E Coulter Ave/Road 8. Traffic stop resulted in warning for going the wrong way down a divided highway. On Saturday at 11:10am, occurred at N Beckman St. Officer is investigating a report of harassment via text message in violation of a court order. On Satuday at 8:50pm, officer initiated activity at E South St/S Clark St, Powell. A traffic stop was performed and the driver was issued a warning for failure to stop at red light. On Saturday at 11:28pm, an officer initiated activity on E Coulter Ave, Powell. Officer made contact with a intoxicated male who was walking, warning issued for public intoxication with assistance given in getting him home. On Saturday at 11:52pm, received report of Suspicious Activity. Officer initiated activity on E 7TH St, Powell. Officer checked on a vehicle in the parking lot, owner was waiting for truck to warm up. On Sunday, 8:46pm, occurred on W 3RD St. , Powell. Received a report of a child custody dispute. An officer responded and spoke with both parties involved. They will be contacting their lawyer in order to try and settle this dispute. On Sunday, 11:26pm, a Welfare Check occurred on Avenue D, Powell. Received a report of a confused female who had went to the caller’s door and said she was trying to find her house. An officer responded and located the female. She was escorted to her residence. On Monday, 6:29 am, drug related report occurred on E Coulter Ave., Powell. Received a report of drug paraphernalia that had been found inside a business restroom. An officer responded and the case is under investigation. #news #reboot [image: dispatch.png]