How to let go of loneliness during the holidays - #htt by West Park Hosptial

*(Cody, Wyo.) *- Spending the holidays by yourself doesn't exactly match up with the cheery celebrations that you see in holiday movies, TV shows or social media. Still, flying solo doesn't have to be the worst thing in the world. There are steps you can take to make the season both relaxing and enjoyable -- even if you aren't in the mood for rocking around the Christmas tree. Here is your Health Tip Tuesday (#htt)! *1. Take care of yourself * Make time to exercise. Whether it's a snowy winter walk or a trip to the gym, being active can lift your mood. Doing something creative can also lift your mood, so try something new! Instead of watching TV, cook a healthy meal. *2. Find ways to give back* Find a way to volunteer that feels meaningful to you. If you love connecting with people, participate in an adopt-a-family program or visit a senior center. Enjoy spending time in the kitchen? Help prep meals at a soup kitchen. And if you're a pet lover, head to the local animal shelter. There's always someone out there that could use a hand. *3. Reach out to others* Do you have neighbors, co-workers or acquaintances who are also alone for the holidays? Head to a movie or a play, go out to dinner, or invite everyone over for a laid-back potluck. By the end of the evening, you could have some new friends. Take time to connect with those who live far away too. Call family members and catch up. Or reach out to friends on Facebook or other social media sites. Remember, people don't need to be nearby to be part of your support network. *4. Stay positive.* Instead of thinking of the things that may be bringing you down during the holidays, focus on the good. Think about your favorite celebrations from years' past --SAMHSA says the reflection may help boost your mood. And whether it's a warm bed or a delicious meal for one, making the most of the positive things in your life can make the holidays more special. *What should you do if you need help?* It's normal to feel a little blue if you're alone during the holidays. But if your sadness becomes overwhelming or makes it hard for you to get through your daily routine, it's important to get help! To talk about how you're feeling and get emotional support, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. *Thank you for the tips West Park Hospital!* #news #health #reboot #wph