5 Incredible Christmas Full Moon snaps

(Wyoming) - Friday's full moon show was the first full moon on Christmas in 38 years, and the next one won't happen for another 19 years. Since it was such a rare sight, we thought we'd share just a few more of our favorite snaps from around the Bighorn Basin. *1. "Susan Bevenger's: Moon Landing on Carter Mountain"* [image: 10409545_878161622301231_4109217509928456638_n.jpg] *2. "The moon setting behind Heart Mtn." 12/26/15 Pat Nelson* [image: 10346638_520531021441617_4421685239977392940_n.jpg] *3. Another beauty from Christmas morning ... Kris Kenney Brock shared this with Reboot. * [image: 1972252_558017551023491_9021020118280974869_n.jpg] *4. "Like woah. Happy full moon!!" h/t Jonelle Pollock* [image: 10406651_10153353975721089_3210254776454931390_n.jpg] *5. "Christmas Eve Moon over Meeteetse." ‎h/t Susan Bevenger* [image: 580874_877640509020009_1443297762464284318_n.jpg] Have a snap you'd like to share with us? Do it here. *Feature photo: "Christmas Eve Moon over Meeteetse." ‎h/t Susan Bevenger /