Cody area Game Wardens busy with hunting violations

Cody Region Game Wardens have had a busy last couple months dealing with illegal hunting issues. In a recent release from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, the agency notes several convictions and citations for hunting violations. Russell Stockie of Cody has pleaded guilty to two counts of guiding/outfitting without a license and was ordered to pay $5,080 in fines. He also lost big game hunting privileges for the next three years. A California man was cited for accessory to take a deer without a license and accessory for transfer of license after he allowed his 13-year-old son to harvest a deer using a license that was purchased for his 16-year-old son who was unable to come along on the trip. The father was ordered to pay $1,280 in fines and lost hunting privileges for six months. Greybull Game Warden Bill Robertson is currently working a case of trespassing hunters. The hunters shot a white-tailed buck (see photo) on private land without permission, but the land owner didn't want to press charges if the hunters would reach out and apologize. The warden passed along the message, but the hunters have not made contact, and the landowner is now requesting citations to be issued. *photo h/t WG&F* #reboot #news