The stories that defined Cody and the Basin in 2015

2015 was far from a quiet year in Cody, Powell, and the Bighorn Basin. Basin Reboot has only been around since May 2015, but its been a big year with stories that will be in our minds for a long time. When we think back to 2015, these are the stories that will stick in our mind. 5. Park County School District 6 Schools resource debate [image: IMG_32741.jpg] Back in May, whether or not to adopt new K-12 resources became a contentious topic, with dozens of people attending public meetings and filing comments about the resources. Bias in the material , like references to global warming, were an issue for some. Even Alan Simpson talked on the issue. 4. Crazy Weather [image: IMG_3074.jpg] 2015 saw some strange weather roll through Park County and the Bighorn Basin. We had flash flooding in Cody , Wind River Canyon closed for days due to massive mudslides , and even a tornado causing damage in the Bighorns. 3. Sheep Creek Fire [image: 11214269_10152923550791619_964262380977404237_n.jpg] The Sheep Creek Fire that burned in the Tongue River Canyon area of the Bighorn National for 12 days in early August required dozens of camper trailers to be evacuated. It burned 1,700 acres and was ultimately determined to have been human caused. (photo h/t Emerson Takahashi) 2. Bears [image: Blaze-with-one-cub-looking-05102015.jpg] Grizzly bears, which may be on the cusp of being delisted, definitely made themselves known this year. We seemed to have story after story of problem bears being relocated in and out of the area this fall. A fatal grizzly attack in Yellowstone resulted in the euthanization of an often-photographed bear . There was even a bear v. motorcycle crash , which was one of Reboot's most-read stories of the year. (photo h/t Amy Gerber) 1. Major Mike killed, honored [image: unnamed7.jpg] Combat and service K9 Major Michael was shot and killed this year outside of Powell by a cyclist who felt threatened by the dog. The Park County Sheriff's Office investigated extensively, ultimately deciding not press charges against the cyclist. Mike's owner, handler and best friend Sgt. First Class Matthew Bessler has vowed to pursue the case further, and buried his partner with full military honors. (photo h/t Matthew Bessler) #reboot #news