Powell man injured in pheasant hunting incident

The Park County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that a 53-year-old Powell man was injured on Thursday afternoon during a pheasant hunt. According to the PCSO, deputies were called to the Powell Valley Hospital at 6:14 p.m. on Dec. 31, for a report a man who was shot in the eye with bird shot. Deputies spoke with two others involved, a 59-year-old Powell man and a 51-year-old Cody man. "Both men explained that they were hunting pheasants with (the victim) on a property off of Road 19.5 in Park County when they accidentally shot in the direction of (the victim), striking him on the left side of the face and eye," PCSO Public Information Officer C. Lance Mathess said in a media release. The reportedly explained that they were flushing pheasants from some brush and that fired when the birds took flight. The two men shot at the same time, having never seen the victim who was on a nearby hillside 50-75 yards away. Everyone agreed that the shooting was accidental. "All three men were reminded of some very basic hunter safety rules to include the importance of ear and eye protection," Mathess said. #reboot #news