School safety and arming teachers discussed in forum

(Bighorn Basin, Wyo.)- State legislators and school board members from the Bighorn Basin held a Legislators Forum this evening in the Park County Library. With board members in attendance from districts 1,6 and 16. The issue of firearms in schools brought discussion regarding insurance and concerns about police tactical response to teachers or the public carrying firearms in schools. Cody board member Scott Weber expressed a desire for arming teachers and staff stating that he would feel the safety of the students would be increased. Powell Superintendent Kevin Mitchell stated the only opposing opinion offered in regards to teachers being armed. Expressing that he didn't want anyone armed around kindergarten students. The need to have studies, expert testimony, and public comment regarding this issue going forward dominated the conversation. Discussion of the issue on the desire for individual district control on firearms policies with in each district also occurred. Accountability for board members was discussed. At issue was the inability to remove board members other than through the electoral process regardless of a board members capabilities. Also discussed "recalibration", the allotment of money from the general education fund for each school district. General concern was expressed by several board members inattendance about the loss of money due to falling revenue resulting from the oil and gas slow down. Legislators in attendance were Senator Hank Coe, Rep. Sam Krone, Rep. Dave Northrup and Rep. Dan Laursen. #reboot #news