5 horses found dead due to neglect; Prosecutor to consider charges

On Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 9:15 a.m., the Park County Sheriff’s dispatch center received an anonymous report of approximately six to seven deceased horses at an address on Crossfire Trail in Clark. A sheriff’s deputy was immediately dispatched to investigate. Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that the owner of the property, Michael Aaron Wood, age 39, was not at home. The deputy did however discover five dead horses along with six live horses in several corrals on the property. The deputy further observed that there did not appear to be any water or food available to the live horses. Later in the day, the deputy was able to locate and speak with Mr. Wood who admitted to financially being unable to care for the horses and that he realized some of them had died due to a lack of feed. Wood went on to say that he had been trying for some time to get rid of some of the horses and had not had any luck finding anyone to take them. He claimed to have placed an advertisement in a local newspaper and had attempted to contact a local rescue organization with no success. No enforcement action has been taken at this time; however the case has been turned over to the county attorney for further action. The sheriff’s office has since found suitable caretakers for the remaining horses. Sheriff Scott Steward commented that in cases such as these, owners who are unable to care for their livestock can always contact the Wyoming Livestock Board. “In these hardship situations, the Livestock Board can assist livestock owners in finding suitable caretakers or buyers, as long as the current owner can prove ownership”, said Steward. “If not, in extreme cases the Board will seize the animals as strays.” *File photo h/t Pitchengine Communities* #reboot #news