Campbells sue for damages over TCT sale

In a more than 40-page complaint, Joe and Barbara Campbell are accusing multiple parties of conspiring to defraud the couple in their sale of Tri-County Telephone. The lawsuit names Chris Davidson, Tri-County Telephone Association, Inc., Dalin Winters, Clifford Alexander, J.O.Sutherland, Daniel Greet, John K. Johnnson, Neil Schlenker, Big Horn Telecommunications, LLC, BHT Investments, LLC, BHT Holdings, Inc., BHT Merger Corporation, Hathaway & Kunz, P.C., Michael Rosenthal, and Does 1 through 100 as defendants in the lawsuit. The couple has also filed a request to have Judge Steven R. Cranfill to be removed from the case. The complaint alleges more than 10 different elements of wrong-doing by the defendants, including fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. "The owners were bilked out tens of millions of dollars of value that they owned in the company," a website set up about the case states. They claim the company was valued in the sale at $51 million, when in fact it had assets valued at more than $90 million. They also claim that they didn't receive the full sale price of the company. The sale was finalized in late 2014. "The Defendants named in this Complaint breached their duty of loyalty, fidelity and good faith, by among other things, deceiving the owners of the company, intentionally violating Wyoming law governing the sale of cooperative utility assets, seeking to disenfranchise the owners of the cooperative, wasting company assets, failing to comply with the terms of the company’s organizational governing agreements, and using fear, intimidation, oppression, and strong-arm tactics to obtain approval of the sale," the statement adds. The couple is seeking "tens of millions" in damages, but the complaint itself doesn't name a full dollar figure. The full complaint, filed in Park County, can be read here . *photo of the Hot Springs County Courthouse h/t Pitchengine Communities* #reboot #springcity #news