Northwest College, bomb squad hold joint chemical drill

(Powell, Wyo.) - If you saw a bunch of police and emergency vehicle this morning on the Northwest College campus, have no fear. It was just a drill. But an interesting one, at that. The drill put Cody and Powell Police, including the Cody Bomb Squad, to the test; the crews got to practice the disposal of dangerous chemicals. According to the Northwest's Mark Kitchen, a faculty member in December at the Science and Math Building discovered an old bottle of picric acid, which can become unstable and explosive if allowed to crystallize. The college at the time implemented safety procedures. "Upon visual review of the bottle, the bottle was deemed to be secure but extra precautions were taken when the bottle was submerged in a container of water to eliminate any chance of crystallization or danger," the college said in a statement. Kitchen said that Northwest had the option of hiring a disposal company, but ultimately offered the opportunity to local law enforcement in the form of a drill. So, the drill was performed this morning, giving the Cody Bomb Squad a chance practice recovery and disposal, and the staff in the Science and Math building to practice its evacuation and accountability procedures. Following the active drill, the Cody Bomb Squad reportedly took the picric acid to the Paul Stock Agriculture Pavilion for detonation. Details about the how drill went from CPD's perspective was not immediately available. #reboot #news