Cody Police seek assistance in battery case

On Sunday January 10th at approximately 10:09 the Cody Police received a report of a battery that occurred near Goodturn Drive and 17th street in Cody. The victim reported that a male driving a dark colored lifted Ford truck with a large grill guard began following him. The suspect flashed his lights as if to indicate that he wished for the victim to pull over. After pulling over the victim of the battery stated to police that a man about 5"8" weighing 210 pounds approached him and grabbed him by the throat through the victims driver side window. As the suspect was choking the victim he asked " What is your problem?". He then released the victim and fled the scene. The victim reported to police that he did not know who his attacker was or the reason for the attack. The Cody Police department is seeking additional information on this incident. If you have any information you can contact Cody Police Officer Mark Martinez at 307-527-8700. #reboot # news