Beware of these fraudulent phone calls

(Bighorn Basin, Wyo.) Telephone Scam Alert! Several area residents have reported receiving fraudulent phone calls from persons claiming to represent the Park County Sheriff's Department, or from the IRS. The callers have been reportedly telling residents that they have ignored a federal subpoena for jury duty and that an arrest warrant will be issued unless a bond is paid. There have also been reported calls where the caller represents himself as an agent of the Internal Revenue Service advising the caller that they are in default and will be arrested if they fail to pay a fine. The common theme in many of these calls is the caller ID indicating the call originated from 307-212-1114. When this number is dialed, the call goes to a voicemail indicating that the call originated from the Park County Sheriff’s Office and then prompts the caller to leave a message. These are fraudulent calls and should be ignored. Under no circumstances will government agencies use the telephone to solicit fines. Legitimate concerns would first be addressed through a letter sent via U.S. Mail. And the Park County Sheriff’s Office is in no way connected with these calls. Our best advice is to ignore the call and never give personal information or credit card numbers over the phone. This is true no matter where the call originates. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Park County Communications Center at 307-527-8700. Fraudulent calls may also be reported to the Wyoming Attorney General’s Frauds Division at 800-438-5799 or the Internal Revenue Service Fraud Line at 800-366-4484. #reboot #news