A faster trip to Billings

(Cody, Wyo.)- The Wyoming Department of Transportation has announced that they will increase the speed of the 18 mile stretch Wyoming Highway 120, south of the Wyoming-Montana border from 65 mph to 70. Shaving off a few minutes on the run to Billings. Much of US 85 from just east of its interchange with I-25 (Exit 17) north of Cheyenne to Newcastle will be posted with the 70 mph limit as well. . WYDOT expects changing the speed limit signs on each of the three highways to take about one day to complete under favorable weather conditions, and the department will notify the public that the new limit is in effect when the change is complete. The three highway sections will be the first to get the higher speed limit approved for two-lane rural highways by the Legislature last year. They were among 1,546 miles of highway a subsequent study showed had the best potential for safely handling 70 mph traffic. #reboot #news