There's a lot of family history at Bear Co. Tires

When you stop by Bear Co. Tires, you'll quickly realize it's not just a tire store. Its history is displayed all over the walls of this little place. [image: Inline image 1] As you enter the front office, there is hardly a vacant spot on the wall. Old tools, horse tack adorn the walls. Behind the front desk is a large photo of the late Galen Beardall. Galen and sons, Dallas and Justin founded Bear Co. Tires & More in 1997. The three of them grew the business to what it is today, until Justin's health wouldn't let him. Since Galen's passing in 2006, Dallas and his family have been continuing the family business. Dallas says, "I still miss my dad... 2-3 times a day I turn to ask him a questions and he's just not there." But there's plenty of family love to go around. Dallas' wife Courtney come down all the time to help out wherever help is needed and brother, Ryan, who's a Spanish teacher at the Cody High School, works there in the summer time. It must be in the genes because even the kiddos get involved. Zac (21), Amber (18), Kate (13) and Megan (16) all help out at the shop when they aren't at school or work. Dallas explains, "Megan would like to take over the business someday. None of my kids mind getting their hands dirty, as a matter of fact, they absolutely love it." [image: Inline image 2] *Brian and Jaymond, hard at work.* Their success isn't just attributed to the Beardall Family, there is a full time crew who work hard every day. One person you might know is Brad George, the friendly face behind the front desk, along with Dallas. [image: Inline image 3] *Brad George (left) and on the right, Dallas.* Aside from the free coffee and popcorn, Bear Co. Tires offers a variety of services. Dallas explains, "We offer anything that has to do with tires and wheels, basically a full range of mechanical stuff." - Oil changes (diesel as well) - Brake services - Suspension work - Alignments and engine diagnostics - Great customer service and some of the best prices around! So come on down to meet the Beardall's and their friendly staff! Bear Co. Tires & More , 2130 Big Horn Ave in Cody p. 307-587-8188 *Feature Image: Zac Beardall* #reboot #news #sponsored #bearcotires