Feds charge suspicious pilots that flew into Cody.

Back in February of 2014 two Colorado residents Scott Michael Lewis and his companion Gilbert W. Wiles Jr. were taken into custody by local authorities and charged with misdemeanors related to operating their Cessna. The whole incident started the plane landed under suspicious circumstances at Yellowstone Regional Airport. Lewis and Wiles were noticed by airport authorities acting oddly not making radio reports and leaving the plane with shades placed over the windows. The pair had also not filed a flight plan. Cody police checked the plane and it was not reported as stolen. Police were able to obtain warrants and initiated a search of the hotel room of the men and uncovered numerous electronic devices including 15 cell phones, three Idaho driver’s licences that bore Lewis´s likeness but had alternate names, and a bag full of cash holding over $250,000. Cody police seized the men’s plane and the cash. The Feds have now filed charges against the men. Two felony counts of conspiracy to operate an unregistered aircraft and aiding and abetting the operation of an unregistered aircraft. These charges have penalties totaling up to 8 years imprisonment and $500,000 in fines. Federal authorities have also filed notices of forfeiture for the plane.