Sheriff's department hires intern

Aiesha Lopez, age 23 of Cody is currently serving an internship with the Park County Sheriff’s Office through the University of Wyoming Outreach Program. Aiesha will be spending a total of 240 hours with the sheriff’s office over the next few months, learning the ins and outs of law enforcement including patrol, dispatch, detention and administration. She is a senior working on her degree in criminal justice. She hopes to enter the field of law enforcement upon graduation. “I like the idea of being a detective someday,” said Aiesha. “I am also interested in the field of criminal profiling. It would really be neat to someday work for the FBI.” Aiesha already possesses and associates degree from Northwest College. The sheriff’s office is excited about hosting Aiesha and helping her earn her degree. Pictured: Aiesha is fingerprinted by Sergeant Dave Nyreen in the detention facility using ink-less, computerized fingerprinting technology. #reboot #news