Problem Grizzly bears found most often in Park County

(Wyoming)- The Wyoming Game and Fish Department released their annual numbers regarding the capture and relocation or culling of problem bears. According the the G&F human-bear conflicts in Wyoming are typically a result of bears seeking unnatural foods in association with people, close encounters with humans, or when bears kill livestock. Relocation according to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department achieves several social and conservation functions: One, it reduces the chance of property damage, livestock damage, or human interactions. Two it reduces the potential for bears to become human habituated. And three it allows bears the opportunity to forage on natural foods and remain wary of people. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department relocates and removes black and grizzly bears as part of routine management operations. *Twenty-four of the 51 capture events were in Park County* Of the 51 capture events: *22 *captures were a result of bears killing livestock *6* were captured for getting unsecured garbage, and *6* were obtaining pet, livestock food, or foraging on fruit trees. Twelve management captures occurred as preemptive measures for bears exhibiting habituated behavior or being in close proximity to people, as well as 3 non-target captures and 2 captures for property damage All relocated grizzly bears were released on U.S. Forest Service lands in or adjacent to the Primary Conservation Area *Of the 34 relocation events, 17 bears were released in Park County * Seventeen of the 51 capture events resulted in the removal of grizzly bears from the population by Department personnel by lethal removal or live placement in a zoo. These bears were removed due to a history of previous conflicts, a known history of close association with humans, or they were deemed unsuitable for release into the wild. #reboot #news