Cody has a new Substance Abuse Treatment Facility opening today

West Park Hospital opens their newly renovated Chemical Dependency Treatment Center today, as a place to initiate recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. "Our patients have the opportunity to extend the treatment experience beyond the facility and truly begin to recover the mind, body and spirit," explained Fred Snelson, CMC Director. "Recovery is a painful and difficult process, but we hold firmly to the conviction that it can become a rewarding and fulfilling accomplishment, thereby unlocking hidden or unknown potential for growth and peace." Services at the new facility will include: - Chemical dependency treatment - Alcohol education and awareness - On-site detox services (medically supervised, West Park Hospital) - Services approved through most insurance companies (medically approved) - Length of stay varied to meet individual need - Aftercare services - Family treatment based upon 12 steps, Reality Therapy and Minnesota Model - Ready access to medical services as needed Offering the state's only on-site medical services for a facility of this kind will likely set this facility apart. [image: cedarMountainCenter.jpg] #reboot #bootstrapped #news #buckrail #business