Allegations of sexual misconduct arose months before CHS employee's arrest

(Cody, Wyoming) - Basin Reboot has learned through court documents that as early as July of 2015; the Cody Police Department and Park County School District #6 officials had knowledge that Ryan Swanson was allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. At the time of the allegations Swanson was working as a part-time employee for the district. Ryan Curtis Swanson aged 24 was arrested by the Cody Police Department on the 17th of December at Cody High School on charges that he committed 5 counts of sexual abuse on a minor in the 3rd degree. His bail has been set at $20,000 cash only. According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, a concerned citizen familiar with the alleged victim approached Cody Police Department identifying Swanson as a person engaging in relations with a minor. The document further goes on to state that Cody PD contacted Superintendent Ray Shulte. Cody PD informed Shulte of the complaint. Police were told by Shulte that he would confront Swanson when school was back in session. Court documents go on to detail meetings with police, school officials, and witnesses regarding the alleged relations between Swanson and a minor student. These meetings occurred in early December. After a school official and a school resource officer had received information about Swanson being in an inappropriate relationship with a student. The investigating officer was informed at this time that Superintendent Shulte had confronted Swanson about his alleged behavior in July. It was reported to the officer that Swanson had stated that any inappropriate communication would stop, while denying any other untoward activities. According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause the school resource officer subsequently received further information from a source regarding the allegations. Which led the investigating officer to a witness of Swanson´s alleged activity. This led the investigating officer to the alleged victim who then confirmed the allegations of sexual abuse to the Cody Police. Telling police that they had slept together and that Swanson had sent inappropriate texts. It is further noted that Swanson has filed motions in Court regarding his right to a speedy trial, the dismissal of his Public Defender and for a reduction in bond. Swanson´s bond is currently set at $20,000. Due to the nature of this crime certain information that could lead to the identification of the victim will not be reported in accordance with state law. All persons arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. #reboot #news