#Throwback: The snowshoe cavalry travels Yellowstone

The men of the "snowshoe cavalry" liked their rough life in the remote recesses of the mountains and often applied freely for detached service. The life was demanding and often isolated, rugged and dangerous, and very different from that most of them had known before. Edwin Kelsey, who served as a soldier in Yellowstone in 1898, later became the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. Private Kelsey's letters to his niece describe a difficult but very enjoyable life as a Yellowstone soldier. "December 3, 1898. Left here (the Buffalo Lake cabin near Boundary Creek on the west side of Yellowstone) for the Post (Fort Yellowstone) the Sunday before Thanksgiving...I made 26 miles the first day, staying all night at the Norris Soldier Station. The next morning it was 22 degrees below zero, but I pulled out for the Post, which I reached about two p.m. after a cold hard ride of 20 miles." #reboot #snapped #news