PHS Students Christen the U-307

(Powell, Wyo.)- Jim Gilman teaches art at PHS, but his students latest project is so much more. It was constructed as a joint effort between the Robotics Team, CAD, Wood Shop, and Art classes. They even threw in a little history as the sub was modeled after the famous or infamous U-96 "Das Boat" [image: IMG_0654.JPG] "Gil" and his students recently completed construction of replica German U-Boat playfully dubbed the PHSS Panther or U-307 [image: IMG_0655.JPG] [image: IMG_0657.JPG] The effort began at the began in August and over 80 students participated in the project. The submarine which is over 29 ft long is built from wood and paper, but has more than meets the eye. Mr. Gilman and his students detailed that the sub is a solar powered performance piece; that once installed will have motion sensing robotics. They will sense when someone comes near and will play sounds powered by solar panels. The decking was designed by the CAD class and laser etched right at PHS as well. "The whole project would not have been possible without the 80 odd students who contributed at crucial times." said Gilman of the incredible effort the students put forth in making the 1/8th scale 29 ft WWII German submarine model.