Climbing The Crystal

(Cody, Wyo.) Basin Reboot had the opportunity to participate in the 18th Annual Cody Ice Climbing Festival over the weekend. [image: IMG_0729.JPG] The keynote speaker this year Artie Novack was kind enough to guide Reboot up to the base of the Main Vein, a multi pitch climb deep in the South Fork. [image: 2016-02-12.jpg] Artie Novack a climber since 2009 has been attending the Cody Ice Climbing Fest since 2011. He told Reboot that the South Fork is one of the best climbing areas around because it has multiple pitches to traverse. People come from all over the nation to climb these unique ice falls. [image: FullSizeRender (2).jpg] Today is the final day of the festival so If you would like to get out there and check out this amazing outdoors opportunity head to the South Fork! Learn more at #reboot #news