#Throwback Thursday: The Story of Tex Holm

(Cody) Tex Holm was one of the earliest guides of private trips from Cody to either secluded areas in the Absorakas for hunting or to Yellowstone National Park for tourism in the early 1900s. In 1907, Tex built a lodge on the North Fork along Libby Creek known as Holm Lodge. He used it as a stopping point for his customers on the long trip from Cody to Yellowstone National Park, and it became the first ranch in America to operate solely as a dude ranch. The Holm Transportation Company escorted many tourists from Cody to Holm Lodge and then on to a tour through Yellowstone. Tex was a huge part in opening up the Yellowstone country as a tourist attraction. A team of horses pulling a wagon carrying a large number of tents over Sylvan Pass. The tents had to be unloaded from the wagon and carried across the snow patch by hand, so the wagon could make it across the patch. This was another of Tex Holm’s trips through Yellowstone from his Holm Lodge in 1909. [image: Photo 4.jpg] H/t to the Park County Archives #reboot #news