Meeteetse's first cabin to be restored

The first cabin built in Meeteetse to be relocated to Old Trail Town in Cody. The Cabin which up until recently was fairly unknown has been uncovered and will be moved for preservation. In addition to being the first structure in Meetetse it is said to be the only North- South facing structure in town. [image: 12742645_939447819473064_4521082077481901208_n.jpg] The original cabin [image: 12742305_939445306139982_447465938077470694_n.jpg]As it currently stands before removal William McNally built his cabin on the south side of the Greybull River while working on building the bridge across the river in 1886. In 1893, he filed a homestead on 158 acres where his cabin and blacksmith shop were located. Two years later in 1895 he sold most of the homestead to Anna W. Thomas and the town of Meeteetse was surveyed and began being built. McNally is also said to have built the first bridge that crossed the Greybull River. McNally’s blacksmith shop is long gone, but underneath the facade of a little house on the corner of State Street and Water Avenue are the four log walls of William McNally’s original cabin. Sometime in 1906 or 1907 a fire began in the stove and destroyed the original roof and charred the log walls. Sometime later the addition and new roof were built. [image: IMG_1162.JPG] The hand carved timbers labeled for re-assembly A few years ago, the Meeteetse Conservation District purchased the land where Lucille’s Café was which included the corner lot where this cabin is located. In an effort to preserve the history, the Conservation District offered the building to the Meeteetse Museums who unfortunately was unable to move it to another location in Meeteetse. Subsequently, they contacted Old Trail Town to see if it could be relocated to Cody. [image: IMG_1156.JPG] Initials? Or was this the first Elks' Lodge in Wyoming? The log structure has been uncovered and is currently being prepared to dismantle for relocation to Old Trail Town in the next couple of weeks. It will be re-built at Old Trail Town next door to the Rivers Saloon this spring. [image: IMG_1158.JPG] An old fire charred some of the old timbers but is completely cosmetic damage.