Baby boomers can find hay fever relief in allergy shots - #htt by West Park Hospital

*(Cody, Wyo.)* - Allergy shots for grass pollen are safe and effective for people 65 to 75 who have hay fever, according to new research. While these shots are known to be helpful in younger people, the shots aren't commonly used in older people. There are a few reasons for this trend, the researchers said. Although the therapy shows good results among younger groups, there has been little research to show that allergy shots are safe or effective among older adults. Additionally, hay fever is commonly undiagnosed in seniors. This may happen because treating hay fever may be considered less significant when compared to other chronic conditions—such as asthma, heart disease or depression. When these conditions are present, it may also be more difficult to diagnose hay fever. Click here to read more. Thanks for the tips West Park Hospital! #news #health #reboot #wph